did i just?? get a job??? what? and an interview for a job i really want???? what is this?? is someone messing with me??+?

Still tired. More tired. Tireder, tiredest, tired ad nauseam, tired infinitum.
Christopher Knight +

love working out on sundays because the gym is pretty much empty and i can challenge myself with real heavy weights without thinking ‘what if i fail and someone sees’, which always results in a body that feels like one giant over cooked spaghetti. love that too. 

adonis bosso

but did u guys know that i have a wordpress blog where you can follow the exciting adventures of my day-to-day life and look at lots (lots) of pictures of me and even check out the archive that go back to the dark times of february 2011?

it’s in swedish but if you really love me you can use google translate and understand most of it. or just visit for the pictures.

this is the link woop 

Túnez, Tunisia


Picture an Arab Man is a portrait series photographed by  Tamara Abdul. She says: 

"The conceptual aim of this portrait series is two-fold: Trying to uncover and break the stereotypes placed upon the arab male, and providing an alternative visual representation of that identity. Secondly, it is a celebration of their sensual beauty, an unexplored aspect of the identity of the contemporary Arab man, on the cusp of change in a society that reveres an out-dated form of hyper-masculinity."

Giambattista Valli Autumn/Winter 2010

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